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Product Offering

Synthetic Rubber:

  • Plioflex-General Purpose ESBR (Emulsion copolymer of butadiene & styrene)
  • Budene-General Purpose BR (high cis 1,4 polybutadiene)
  • Solflex- Solution SBR (solution styrene/butadiene copolymer)
  • Natsyn- IR rubber (synthetic polyisoprene rubber)
  • IR monomer (isoprene monomer)


  • LPF- High Solids SBR latex (cold polymerized styrene butadiene copolymer)

Food Grade ESBR:

  • Pliogum- foodgrade SBR (styrene/butadiene copolymer)

Rubber Chemicals:

  • Polystay- Antioxidant/Antiozonant (Mixed Diaryl-p-phenylenediamine)


Contact Information

Market Focus Contacts

General Manager of Commercial Operations
Ken Hertl 1-713-475-5396
Tires and Retread
Kevin Henderson 1-409-794-5745
Industrial Products
Conveyor Belts, Hoses, etc. Samuel Ramirez 1-713-475-5422
Plastics Modification
Derrick McGinness 1-713-475-5301
Consumer Products
Healthcare/Surgical Gloves John Burke 1-330-796-6730
Sporting Goods/Golf Balls Derrick McGinness 1-713-475-5301
Soft Grip John Burke 1-330-796-6730
Household Goods/Latex Steve Corbett 1-713-475-5408
Chewing Gum/Bubble Gum Steve Corbett 1-713-475-5408
Packaging & Sealing
John Burke 1-330-796-6730

Product Area Contacts

General Purpose Polymers, BR, SSBR, ESBR
Kevin Henderson 1-409-794-5745
C5 Based Materials, IR, Isoprene Monomer
John Burke 1-330-796-6730
ESBR Specialty Polymers, Food Grade ESBR, ESBR Latex
Steve Corbett 1-713-475-5408
Antioxidants and Chemicals
Samuel Ramirez 1-713-475-5422

Regional Contacts/Customer Support

Latin America
Samuel Ramirez 1-713-475-5422
Customer Service
Sales Service
Lori Ann Buckler 1-330-265-9429
Business Development
Steve Pontiff 1-713-475-5308